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I was watching most haunted live until I couldn't laugh any more. The show sometimes shows things that are unexplained but a lot of things are quite obviously acted out. They only film it with one camera. Which more often or not, when turned away, allows the crew to make funny noises or kick a table. Always with the camera turned away something moves and Yvette Fielding screams with horror.
They do have web cams which are poor quality. Some how people contact the show saying they see ghosts on them. The show never replays footage from web cams because there is nothing there. Really you need several wireless inferred cameras for each corner of a room to record paranormal activity.
Iv walked through a graveyard at night (On a walk thing, don't ask.) not seeing anything but some how they find something to scream at within the first 5 minutes of the camera rolling.
I think it was around 11:45 ish the adverts finished and the program came back on. Within a 1 minute a bloke goes crazy and falls to the ground. Why didn't that happen in between the 5 minute break? Quite convenient too that the camera turns a way a second before he goes nuts. Also I have noticed the camera man focuses on a individual a while before he or she says "I feel sick" or "Something hit me". It gets predictable.
Oh gees I could write all night about this show, but I wont. CiarĂ¡n O'Keeffe proved Derek Acorah is a fake a few years ago. He was the main medium on the show. Somehow hes still making rubbish.

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