Youngs Waggle dance

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Not tried any new beers lately so lets dig in. This is a youngs bottled beer from Bedford, Bedfordshire, England. Can be found in tescos.
Brewers description:
Waggle Dance is brewed with a touch of honey which gives it a taste of summer no matter when you raise a glass. This is balanced by a healthy does of hops to provide the bitterness that gives a wonderfully delictae flavour. The overall result is beautifully balanced and sneakily seductive.
Pale ale and crystal malt, Fuggle and Golding hops together with South American honey create this delicious golden ale with a superb honey aroma.

The colour is a clear amber orange. Little if at all no head. Sadly it doesn't last long. The aroma is a sweet malty honey sent. I first taste the sweet malt and then I taste the honey. Its not a rich tick taste, but more a smooth thing. Slight bitterness but it doesn't balance well. A sweet summer beer at 5%.

Rating: Not bad
As you can see am a professional at rating beer
Overall: You might like if you like sweet beers otherwise get a pale ale.

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