Going Postal

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Started and finished reading Terry Pratchett's Going postal in a few hours. It's one of the better Discworld books I have read. The amusing characters, the cat tiddles (which is more of a description), references to the uk post office, GNU and crackers.

The Smoking GNU is probably the most geeky joke in the series. A group of 3 men that are clacks (a series of semaphore towers) crackers. Cracking into the towers with their own portable tower. The group of men resemble 'The Lone Gunman' a x files spin-off about a group of computer hackers.
Why are they called the Smoking GNU? Well not sure really. No direct mention of open source but it does say that GNU is a magic message header packet on the clacks, with G indicating a message that goes on, N indicating not logged and U indicating that the message is to be turned around at the end of the line.

Cant wait to read 'making money'.

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