Blade Runner Final Cut

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Finally, finally, finally, finally there is a Blade Runner final cut with extras and commentary. After 25 years and 1 re-release, Ridley Scott has put together the FINAL CUT.

If you haven't seen it. Its a dark neo-noir sci-fi about a cop hunting replicants (genetically manufactured human like beings).

I don't mind the directors cut. It is better than the original with there being no voice over narration. Deckard's dream of the unicorn in the directors cut obviously shows he is a replicant himself. Also, to back that up, when Rachael asks Deckard if has took the test himself there is a pause to make you think.
After years of debate, Ridley Scott in 2000, ended all debate when he finally revealed that Deckard is a replicant.

It comes out on DVD on 3rd of December. With a new trailer. If you haven't seen this film were have you been?

Have a look at the trailer...

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