Last orders for Guinness? What! Wait! Hang on

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I managed to miss 25 minutes of the money program (the horror, a show about business and finance). I noticed the word 'Guinness', which I have a talent for, in the sky TV guide. Curious why the program was called 'Last orders for Guinness?' I pressed to view.

Interestingly it was pointing out that Ireland and the UK Guinness sales have dropped over the years. So their introduction the much talked about Guinness Red.

From the BBC article:

Guinness is one of Britain's best loved brands, yet sales of the famous black stout have been falling year after year both in the UK and Ireland.

But with nearly 250 years of history behind it, Guinness is not about to go quietly.

It has launched a fight back with a new lighter, sweeter version, Guinness Red, and a much hyped multi-million pound advertising campaign.

Will it be enough to reverse the decline?

Aimed at lager and bitter drinkers, it's a sort of cross between bitter and stout (or maybe a Irish Red cream ale?). Claiming to be somehow more smoother, which is hard to believe since Guinness is smooth as hell compared to most commercial drinks. I'm looking forward to trying the Red. Guinness is my favorite beer and it always has been (I think Guinness Original was my first real beer) so I don't think ill drop the black for the red.

In the UK you can find a pub with the pub finder on the Guinness Red website

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