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After watching england lose to Croatia. I thought I would write a short post about the state of English football. I wont be mean, or negative, or even write several hundred lines of curse words damning Steve McClaren to the depths of hell and beyond (like most blog posts iv seen). But, a BIG BUT, I didn't know Steve McClaren was that useless. All he had to do is win or draw. Thats all!

I know he's overrated. Not that it's his fault. The media seems to hype up any, and I mean any win. The F.A would be stupid to keep him in the job. Jose Mourinho is the bookies favorite at 5/1. Now that would be interesting! The man is a football genius. Martin O' Neil at 11/2 would also be interesting.

In england there is a lot of discussion (mainly pointless) about capping foreign players. The idea being that the england team needs improving and theres a lot of worrying about the lack of players coming through the "system". I haven't made my mind up yet. Maybe the F.A cup should have so many English players?

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