The Alaskan bootlegger's bible

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edit 23 nov 2007
Iv changed my mind about this book. Yes it isn't fancy. But if you like to read about brewing in Alaska or the home brew beers during American probation you might enjoy it. I keep picking it up to read. Although its full of simple extract recipes (for beer brewing) it does offer some great stories and simple practical advice.
I don't really know if you want to learn how to make 'booze' using everyday items with bakers yeast. Hmm I think not. Do not bother getting this book if you want to brew beer or wine. It wont explain anything to you other than there was 2 cave men, yeah, and they put some fruit together, left the fruit to rot, till it fermented. Then they drank the fermented juice and got drunk.

I'm not a book reviewer yet I do like books, plus I am interested if the subject is brewing. I don't think the advice in the book is going to make good beer. The book tends to not go into taste, it values strength and simplicity. I have read the 'joy of home brewing' by Charlie Papazian. As far as I am concerned that is the beginners brew bible. Buy it if you’re interested in brewing.
So anyway why did I get a book that I am hardly going to get anything out off?. Well, one word, Whiskey! It shows you how to make stills (yes, it is illegal. But it doesn’t hurt to know). I've read on a book review site that it warns of poising. Not really seen much of that. Something I find interesting is that it mentions for at least a page of apple jack. Which requires hard cider being frozen and water being separated from the unfrozen alcohol. Ill make a guess and say that’s illegal too. In fact most of this book is describing illegal stuff.

The book has a few English problems. Spelling mistakes, which I don't mind, but the sentences are not clear and generally hard to follow. Sometimes you will be reading along the lines and strangely words appear where they shouldn’t. I don’t think it has seen an editor. An editor wouldn't know where to start.

Saying that though there are a few positives, a few wine recipes, interesting stories, whiskey distilling, apple jacking (freeze distillation) and improvised brewing on the cheap. Don’t buy it if your looking for a easy to read DIY brewing guide.

Ill post something on apple jack sometime. Someone will have to remind me though.

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