My Bitter is done

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Well my bitter is done. Its aged enough. I don't think it will get any better with age so here's to drinking it :D This is the first beer iv ever put gas in to. Gives it a smooth head that goes well with the beer. Its a smooth drink that is pretty sweet bitter with a fruity taste. Without gas it tastes like rite flanker but more bitter less fruit.

This just shows you how easy it is to make a good ale. I made this one the 25th of march and I blogged about making it. It didn't cost me to much to make because I was using left over hops from other beers like my barley wine. With some malt, a few hops, a cheap extract kit and dried yeast I am impressed that it tastes good enough to be in a brew pub. I followed no recipe (though I did write down what I did when making it), just used common sense and kept it simple.

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