Theakston Old Peculiar

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I decided to try out some legendary ales since I am trying out all these beers these days. I have Theakston Old Peculiar on bottle from tescos that I picked up yesterday lunchtime. It's brewed in north yorkshire and the brewery is about 180 years old.
First thoughts are: very distinctive taste to other ales. Dark brown colour. No head, disappears quick. The smell is a pleasant sweet malty fruit combination. I don't smell any hops. The taste, o'man the taste is great. Plenty of dark roasted malts with a little caramel, fuggle hops, a few spices and a little fruit. It's warming and rich. 5.6% makes it a strong drink.
Charle Papazian's book, the joy of home brewing, mentions the ale twice making examples of beers.

Rating: Amazing
As you can see am a professional at rating beer
Overall: A pleasant ale that is well recommended

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