Finally ubuntu 7.04 installed

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Finally! I have downloaded it with the checksum right. Took about 10 times to get a good copy. I downloaded the alternative edition (text install version) since I was impatient to go through the GUI install. I only have 256mb anyways. It installs like a dream with the text install, no waiting around for windows to pop up.
No changes effecting the speedtouch modem scripts. I'm using the normal scripts from
All I need to do now is install mp3 and video codec support which ill do tonight and post the commands under ubuntu/hacks or something. As with other hacks I may find :)

The desktop effects work better than I thought. Its a lot faster than any install of compiz/beryl iv ever tried. Another thing is iv gone back to using gnome for a while. Who knows how long that will be.

I like the gnome theme applet. Lets me get rid of the brown.

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