Desmond a Celtic fan?

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Anyone noticed the latest episode of lost has references to celtic.
For example while talking to some woman he broke up with
"we dated for six years and the closest you came to a religious experience was Celtic wining the cup"
Desmond talking to his x misses
youtube video

Another one is Desmond drunkenly singing the Celtic song. The one that goes Hail Hail, the Celts are here but he's singing the second verse For it's a grand old team to play for.
desmond drunk
youtube video

Wouldn't Desmond being Scottish go for hearts or rangers? Maybe hes got Irish links or something who knows. Its lost. He might be an alien for all we know. Another thing is that the episode was shown in the UK on the same day Celtic won the SPL. Weeeeeeird.

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  1. If Desmond supported Rangers or Hearts you could then perhaps make the assumption that he has English connections? Good on whoever at Lost had the genious to give Scottish football a mention, and particularly Celtic - especially when the song that was sung on the show is about football ONLY . Wonder if that had a bearing on their choice?