Batemans beers

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I have 2 Batemans beers from aldi.
One is the Combined Harvest and the other is the XXXB pale ale.

I had the XXXB first last night (the dark bottle). While my internet was down (orange suck). Copper red colour, not much aroma (trying to be professional here, no I did not get beer up my nose when smelling it. I'm a pro you know) but I got a slight bitter smell. The taste is crisp, slightly sweet nutty distinction and bitter. A rather dry finish to it.
Other info: Good size bottle 500ml. ABV 4.7%. The main malt is a maris otter. Goldings, Challenger, Liberty Hops. OG 1050 Colour EBC 30-35 Bitterness EBU 38.

Rating: Good
As you can see am a professional at rating beer
Overall: Nice pale ale. I prefer an IPA style but still enjoyable

The Combined Harvest beer is a multigrain beer. Instead of malted barley, Malted Oats, Rye, Wheat & Barley are used.
Says on the bottle: "A UNIQUE COMBINATION of barley, oats wheat and rye. The result is a beer with equal appeal to male and female drinkers and also young drinkers, due to its subtle, smooth bitterness."
The colour is a yellowy brown/amber colour. The little aroma is a sweet smell maybe hints of rye. The taste is crisp, fruity and a balanced hoppy flavour. This would be a great beer for just lazying around in the summer or enjoying the sun (the same thing right?).
Other notes: Good size bottle 500ml. ABV 4.7%. OG 1045 . Colour EBC 12-17. Bitterness EBU 28. Malts include malted oats, rye, wheat & barley.

Rating: Enjoyable English pale ale
As you can see am a professional at rating beer
Overall: Ill give it a 5 because I think this would be a great beer for the summer. Would go with any dish.

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