Daleside Chocolate Stout

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Time for a stout by daleside from north yorkshire. I might have had this one at the pub before. At a beer festival. Or well might have, these chocolate beers seem to taste alike. I not reviewed it so might as well make some notes on it. Its a special chocolate stout. I say "special", there are a few around now. Including one by Young's which ben found.

A very black stout with a red/brown head. The smell is a sweet dark chocolate sent with a bit of coffee. The taste is all about the malt and coco. Quite a smooth drink. Saying that though iv had smoother stout. The taste could resemble a classic porter (if you forget about the coco) yet smoother. The beer is a casual 4%.

Rating: Good
As you can see am a professional at rating beer
Overall: Its a nice chocolate stout. It might be worth a 4 but ill give it a 3 I cant drink a lot of else chocolate stouts unless there really good. Being rich and a single taste makes it something of a special one off ale.

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