Kmess 1.5-pre1 KDE MSN client

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This is a new one to me. Never heard of it until a few days ago. Its a simple, easy to use MSN client for KDE. Like an alternative to Kopete.
It has some good features:
  • Notification's that look like speech bubbles
  • Choose display pictures
  • Personal message support
  • Connection status indicator
  • Quick email button - although I don't use hotmail (dreadful email service)
If you like Amsn you will like this and like it better. Its smaller, faster, and easier on the eyes.

You can download the installer from
It is available in the ubuntu packages, however only version 1.4.3 which doesnt have many of the neat features as the 1.5-pre1. So I urge you to get the KDE installer.

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