Rite Flanker

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Yeah you read it right. Rite not right flanker.
A beer by Wickwar Brewing.
Its a fruity beer, some caramel maybe, dark amber colour. Little hop taste and lots of malt flavour.

Commercial description:
Due to be in the pubs at the beginning of February is the exciting Rite Flanker, brewed just for the Six Nations Championships. At 4.3% abv, it is an excellent brew full of muscle and determination. With a delicate blend of those oh so beautiful Fuggle & Challenger hops.

I would have thought a beer brewed for the six nations rugby would be a bitter or stout beer. If you like sweet fruity beers you might like this. Boring if you ask me, iv had better fruit ales.

Rating: was ok
As you can see am a professional at rating beer
Overall: boring

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