Installed Beryl

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I wasn't going to install it since I found compiz the 3d window manager to be a total cpu hog. I was talking about compositing window managers with a fellow linux user and 'Dave' the other day so its been on my mind. Anyway I was reading one of the forums on ubuntu and some user said that it was quicker than compiz. I found this guide:
What the hey I thought. Might as well try out a fork of compiz, some of the compiz developers spilt from the main project to beryl in September 19, 2006. Never thought to try it out even although the plugins always make the front page of
Installed it on my old laptop with XGL. It took about 20 mins at tops and I'm impressed it doesn't choke the cpu to death, the Intel graphics controller works well. I turned off the animations since they start to annoy more then anything. I put the Refresh Rate to the max which stops the windows from lagging a little to perfect. Some neat themes to choose from.

Screenshots DO NOT DO BERYL JUSTICE so here's a video. I didn't show anything of the cube I only have two hands and it kinda makes me dizzy.

I'v read many things about compiz to be included in later ubuntu versions. That's kind of bold to do so but still disappointing. Wrong window manager. It should be beryl. Never mind. FeistyFawn Herd5 (beta of the next ubuntu code named: FeistyFawn) already comes with desktop effects. It states that:
Graphical Desktop Effects will be made extremely accessible, with one click activation in the system menu.
So at least it wont take 20mins of downloading/writing small scripts for it to work.

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