Richards Brewing again: Bitter

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Randomly decided to brew something. For just something to do. Brewing a pale/bitter ale. Based on a extract kit from Wilkos. £10 brew buddy bitter which I think is made by youngs but I could be wrong.
I have added a few things to it, making a partial mash. Cascade hops, maris otter malt, medium spray malt and some oats.

Maris otter malt...

The extract mix...

Oats and Cascade Hops

Everything in (I think)...

I am using a dry yeast instead of the normal wyeast. I have only brewed 2 beers with dry yeast and they were my first ones, they weren't bad for money.

Once its in the keg it wont be long till its drinkable. Unlike the barley wine which is still a little to hoppy. Needs to mellow out a few weeks.

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