Current TV Rocks

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Sky TV has generally been poor since [dot] TV was shut down and has never had anything different other than rubbish. TV call in channels like quiz's, a lot of cheap entertainment channels that show programs from the 80's, then there's crap like re-run channels sky three, uk gold, e4 plus what ever. Crap.
...Anyway current TV is a lot like youtube. It shows user created content. That doesn't mean a stupid video of someone's cat jumping at walls. But real, interesting documentaries. I turned it on and watched a program or Pod as they call it about a Guerrilla Gardener. People that find a ugly space in a urban area. Then under cover of darkness they plant a load of shrubs and flowers to brighten the place up rather than keep phoning the council (who wont have the time or care about doing something like this). Amazing idea. I want to join in! sounds like fun.
I also watched a pod about a dude looking to buy a cheap house since he cant afford to have his own and basically he is stuck to rent for the rest of his life. Another about Africans trying to make it to Europe which I think was a professional pod with a real journalist.
The channel also shows a pod called Google current about interesting searches.

If there's nothing else on TV I think ill just watch Current Tv from now on.

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