Brewing: Barley Wine number 2

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My 2nd try at barley wine. My first brew was a not so strong barley wine which turned out more like a bitter IPA. Anyway this time I used a youngs barley wine 24 pint kit and added
  • Maris otter malt
  • A little bit of chocolate malt (I like a dark brew)
  • 2x Medium spray malt
  • cascade hops (boiling)
  • Willamette hop (finishing)
  • 1 Scottish ale yeast
  • Oh and I forgot I added 100g of honey
All heated to slightly boil for an hour.

Hoping to make it strong one. I never make a brew over 3%. So this time I'm using a brew heater belt! This better turn out a good one, if not ill age it.

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