Kegging Barley Wine

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Transferred the barley wine into the keg today. Never seen so much sediment at the bottom of the fermenter bin. Must be about 1-1.5 inches thick. I'm not going to take a picture of it (lucky you) but its like thick mud. 3 Gallons does not look a lot in a 5 gallon keg but it should be worth it. Smells strong. Take your eyes out.
...Now to wait for it to age

Hmm what to brew next? Maybe an IPA or wheat beer, something easy to drink. I might need a new keg. I have one with a beer already in but if I cleaned it out (like a nuclear technician with bleach) it might be okay for the job.


  1. I am sure I am really late to this post, but, how did the beer turn out? I figure by now it has had plenty of time to age and to have been tasted. Never done a barely wine though, so curious how it turned out.

  2. It was pretty good, back then brewing barley wine tended to be me throwing everything into the brew pot. I tend to brew strong pale ales to really dark ales with home grown hops these days.